UK Sausage Week 2019 Winner..

A new podcast is now available!

It’s a corker!

If you fancy making your own sausages then I have recipes for Pork & Chilli and Pork & Sage. You can also hear a fab conversation with Lauren from Morgan’s Country Butchers in Shropshire who picked up a gong at the UK Sausage Week 2019 awards. I seriously suggest you sample their snorkers. First class! Check out the Podcasts page or click here.

Podcast Recap..

Hello sausage chums. Since the slight rejig of this site I thought I’d recap what’s available so far. There are 3 delicious podcasts for you to gorge on.

The first one, ‘Sausage Love!’, explains what this is all about, includes a taste test with Aldi Sweet Chilli sausages and a Big Banger Question poll about the best sauce to have with a sausage – red, brown or yellow. The poll features the v strong views of top rated UK radio presenter Simon Ross.

‘Guy Porks’ is the second podcast with a taste test featuring the HECK limited edition sausages of the same name which had a lovely toffee apple flavour. There’s also a bit about the kit you need should you be interested in making your own sausages as I do, plus a Big Banger Question poll about sausages and whether they are best eaten hot or cold…

I’m still recovering from the third podcast called ‘Hellfire Sausages!’ featuring some of the world’s hottest chillies from sausages available from Morrisons. They are mouth searing hot! These were picked up on a Hampshire Sausage Road Trip where I visited Portsmouth and Emsworth. In the latter location I also bought some of Harry’s Sausages which will be tried on a future podcast. This podcast also covers the winners of UK Sausage Week 2019 and features a Big Banger Question poll about the best way to cook sausages.

There’s plenty to get your teeth into and more podcasts to come. All the podcasts are available on the Podcasts page of this website. Please keep subscribing, liking, reviewing etc and help more sausage lovers discover this podcast which appears to be the world’s only regular podcast dedicated to sausages. Hurrah!

Sausage Abuse…

We like to celebrate the world of sausages with our podcast. However, from time to time, we have to bring you other sausage related news. Here’s a story from Germany about a talent show and a contestant who put sausages up their bottom in the name of entertainment. Only read this piece if you’ve not yet eaten as the mental image will stay with you for a long time….


Hello sausage lovers! Thank you for all the downloads and feedback so far for the world’s only regular podcast dedicated to sausages. All of the podcasts are available on the Podcasts section of this site. Future posts here will be updates featuring sausages news, plus the odd recipe and random banger musings. As always, please spread the word!