A Father’s Day sausage..

What ho fellow sausage lovers! A brand new podcast is available here for your enjoyment. It features a sausage that’s only available on the run up to Father’s Day from those lovely people at Heck! so if you like the sound of it then you’ll need to get your skates on!

Love you, Dad…

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A spot of sausage pimping…

Another fresh and tasty podcast is here for your enjoyment. You’ll hear some sausage news including an unusual marriage proposal involving sausages, plus my recipe for a ‘Pimped Up Cumberland’. Get ready to take notes or drop me a line if you want details. We taste my bangers and there’s also a book suggestion. All books are available here.

The ‘Pimped Up Cumberland’ mix…
The finished product…

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Does smoke get in your eyes?

Hello! It’s been several weeks but here is another episode of the world’s only sausage dedicated podcast. I hope you are doing OK in these weird times?! I have spent much of the time investigating ale, cigars and working on my Hemingway-style beard….

Just call me Ernest…

Now, back to the sausages……this time we sample ‘The Smoky One’ from Sainsbury’s , plus there’s a bit of chat and other stuff. If you like this podcast or any of the others, then please spare a few minutes rating them and leaving a decent review on wherever you get your podcasts from. The aim is to spread the sausage word as far and wide as possible. Thank you! Happy sausage eating!

But how smoky…?

Co-op & essential kit..

A fresh and ‘oven-baked’ podcast is available here for your enjoyment. Duncan finds out whether the pork sausages from Co-op are genuinely “irresistible” as their packaging claims…

Simply irresistible?

Plus there’s a brief outline of the kit you will need if you fancy making your own bangers (a future post will contain the necessary links for you to check out). Enjoy!


A bit of rough and posh..

Ahoy sausage lovers! Another podcast is here for your enjoyment. Duncan mixes the rough with the posh with a challenging taste test.

An unlikely combination.

Richmond Sausages (only 42% pork) are doing a big advertising campaign. You might have seen their ads on the TV recently. It’s fair to say they are quite rough in comparison with the M&S Love Sausage that is infused with truffle oil.

The finished product. A definite clash of quality and taste.

Hear the outcome of the taste test, plus there’s your opportunity to influence the future sound of the podcast and Duncan will explain how.

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Tommy Boyd’s sausage ritual & a Giggly Pig story

A brand new podcast is available here. It’s a stonker! There’s some homemade sausage sampling featuring bangers made on a previous podcast. You’ll also hear the fascinating story of Tracy Mackness from The Giggly Pig Company – from prison to pork…

Tracy Mackness with her porkers.

Plus top broadcaster Tommy Boyd talks us through his glorious Sunday morning sausage ritual.

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Fancy a Cocktail (sausage)?

Here’s a brand new podcast where Duncan explores the murky world of cocktail sausages.

Severed finger tips, anyone?

In an ideal world you wouldn’t touch these things but sadly we do not live in a world that is ideal. You might face these at a kid’s party or be forced to choose some as you are ravenous in the early hours of the morning at a petrol station or a convenience store.

The guilty suspects..

Take a listen to hear the verdict. Plus there’s sausage news featuring a train company doing naughty things with a sausage, plus worldwide correspondence from fellow sausage lovers including a dispatch from Australia. Enjoy!

An Irish Sausage…

Happy New Year! Another new podcast is now available here for your delight. It features the cooking and tasting of a sausage from the Rankin Selection – a range of Irish sausages from Paul Rankin, the Irish chef and restaurateur.

Plus, hear Duncan reveal some detailed scientific sausage research and talk about Prince Charles along with shopping in Waitrose.

There’s also a spot of ale swilling with the sausage sampling with a rather fine tipple from Scottish brewers Ovenstone 109. As always, please keep sending your feedback and like/love/follow us all our social media platforms. Now, back to the snorkers…

The Daily Telegraph

If you don’t follow us on our various social media platforms (and if not, rectify that NOW!) then you might have missed Duncan writing a column for the Daily Telegraph celebrating proper sausages.

The joy of sausages on freshly made newsprint…

There’s a link here but it is behind a paywall. The Telegraph piece got a great response and saw a lovely three-figure spike in podcast downloads including new listeners in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. The spreading of the sausage word continues….