Many people ask me if there are any decent books for beginners who want to make their own sausages. This book is one of my staples. It contains some basic recipes as well as explaining how best to make your own delicious bangers. I refer to it frequently and have also started to pimp up their own basic recipes.

If you want to get into sausage making then this book is a brilliant place to start. It’s only a few pounds and if you buy it by clicking on the image below then a few pence will go to funding the operation of this blog and the podcasts.

Here’s another good book that I have been devouring recently. It’s been put together by a couple of American guys who really know their meat and it’s a really good read. It also includes recipes for gumbo and pate, but there’s loads of sausage stuff in there too. These guys love their ‘grinding’ which is the US term for ‘mincing’. These blokes certainly enjoy a decent porker..