Hello fans of sausages, bangers and snorkers! This is the website for ‘Prick With A Fork – The Sausage Podcast’ – possibly the world’s only regular podcast dedicated to the fabulous world of sausages. Yum!

Hosted by Duncan Barkes, a UK-based broadcaster and journalist, the podcast celebrates the sausage world with news, tastings, recipes and opinions about one of the tastiest meat products ever to be created.

We are not a pious, preachy or expert podcast but rather a podcast based around enthusiasm and fun and love for all things sausage related. Duncan got bitten by the sausage bug after doing a sausage making course at a Sussex farm.

You can listen to the podcast on this site but it is also available in many of the places where you normally get your podcasts. Either way, it would be lovely if you could subscribe and join our growing sausage community.

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